How Many People Will The Moonbounce Hold?

The chart below details the maximum number of people recommended in the moonbounce at one time based on the participants' ages.

+ Will you deliver to my area?

Lets Bounce proudly serves the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area, covering Prince George's, Montgomery, Charles, & Anne Arundel counties in Maryland, as well as Alexandria & Arlington Virginia. Let's Bounce will deliver bounce houses and/or other equipment rentals of more than $100 for free of charge to areas within a 25 mile radius of Suitland, MD. A $25 standard delivery fee will be accessed for deliveries of less than $100. We can deliver bounce houses to areas outside of the 25-mile for an additional fee of $2 per additional mile. For consistent accuracy, we utilize Google Maps to determine mileage.

+ What do I do in the event that unexpected rain or high winds occur during our rental period?

For the safety of everyone, we highly stress that THE UNIT SHOULD NOT BE USED IN RAIN OR HIGH WINDS. The bounce blower is powered by electricity. If rain is encountered, ask everyone to quickly and calmly exit the bounce. Once it is empty, unplug the blower and cover it. Allow the unit to deflate. Once the inclement weather has passed, plug the blower back in, allow the unit to inflate, and have an adult dry the interior with a towel. This is very important, as the vinyl is very slippery when wet. Once dry, the bounce can be utilized again.

+ How Do I Prepare For My Rental?

Please be present at the time of delivery. Make sure a clear path is available for the delivery of your moonbounce. Please let us know ahead of time if stairs, curbs, or other obstructions must be navigated. Assistance may be necessary to navigate such obstructions.Time of delivery may be as early as 8am, depending on the driver’s schedule. We will work with our customers to determine the best time to set-up. The time of pick-up may be as late as 9pm, depending on the driver’s pick-up schedule. Again, we will work with our customers to determine the best pick-up time.A standard 110 volt outlet within 50 feet of the site is required for operation. The designated outlet should be for the sole use of the inflatable unit’s blower. To ensure safe and reliable operation, no other items should be plugged into the outlet with the inflatable unit’s blower. If an electrical outlet is not available, we can provide a generator for an additional fee.The bounce site should be relatively level, with no more than a 6 inch slope.It is imperative that the site is cleared of all sharp sticks, broken glass, animal waste, large rocks and other debris.Make sure there are no underground irrigation pipes and/or buried telephone cables or electric lines close to the bounce site. We must use 12” stakes to secure the moonbounce.Please provide an appropriately sized site for the moonbounce. The 13'x13' bouncers requires at least a 16'x16' space with at least 16' of clearance from tree branches and other obstructions. The 15'x15' bouncers requires at least a 25'x25' space with at least 17' of clearance from tree branches and other obstructions. The 4-in-1 combination bouncers require at least a 25'x25' space with at least 17' of clearance from tree branches and other obstructions. The castle slide combination bouncers require at least a 20'x40' space with at least 17' of clearance from tree branches and other obstructions. The slides require at least a 15'x40' of space with at least 17' of clearance from tree branches and other obstructions.

+ Can You Set-Up Indoors?

Yes, we can set-up your moonbounce indoors! A gymnasium, coliseum, or firehouse is a great place to set-up a moonbounce, especially during the winter months.

+ Can You Set Up At A Public Park?

Yes, we can deliver and set-up your moonbounce at a public park! Most jurisdictions require at least one week notice, proof of liability insurance, and a small fee. We can make the arrangements for you, and provide proof of liability insurance. If the park requires an addendum onto the Lets Bounce insurance policy via a certificate of insurance, we can do that as well for a fee of $35.

+ Do You Require A Deposit?

No, A signed rental agreement is required to hold your reservation. Lets Bounce gladly accepts cash or money orders upon delivery of your order. If you desire to pick up your order of less than $100, a credit card payment is required in advance. If your signed agreement is not received by Lets Bounce within 2 business days of your scheduled event, your reservation may be canceled.

+ What Is Your Inclement Weather Policy?

Under no circumstances will Lets Bounce set-up inflatable equipment in rain, snow, high wind (in excess of 15mph) or muddy conditions. It is strongly recommended that you reserve an alternate indoor location for your event, such as a church, school, gym, or firehouse.In the event of unforeseen inclement weather, you will be given the option to cancel the morning of your event and receive a full refund of your deposit. However, if you choose to have us come out and we are unable to set-up due to weather conditions (high winds, rain, snow, mud) your deposit will NOT be refunded.Once the inflatable equipment is set-up, the full amount of the rental is non-refundable, even if the event is cut short due to bad weather.

+ Do I Have To Sign A Rental Agreement Prior To My Rental?

In most cases, yes. A Lets Bounce representative will review the rental agreement with you during your reservation confirmation call. You must sign the rental agreement prior to the delivery and set-up of your equipment.

+ What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

If it becomes necessary to cancel your reservation, we will refund your full deposit, provided we receive your cancellation at least 24 hours prior to your rental date.Lets Bounce reserves the right to refuse to complete any event that has the potential to cause damage to its equipment or, in its opinion, may pose undue risk to riders or others in the immediate area. Safety is of utmost concern.

+ What Is Your Payment Policy?

Lets Bounce accepts cash, money orders or credit card payments. We will accept business checks also. The balance of payment for your rental is due prior to the set-up of the equipment. You may pay with a money order or cash when your moon bounce is delivered.

+ How Do I Reserve A Moonbounce?

You may make your reservation by calling Lets Bounce at 301-583-6698 to speak with one of our representatives. You may also visit the reservation page here on our website to submit a request form. A Lets Bounce Representative will contact you to confirm your reservation as soon as possible within 24 hrs.

+ What Is Your Safety Policy?

We walk you through safety rules prior to and after set-up of your equipment as well, we provide you with a copy of safety guidelines as part of your rental contract. Also, the safety rules are written on the front of each unit. We stress the importance of following the safety guidelines.

+ Does Lets Bounce Have Liability Insurance?

Yes, Lets Bounce is fully insured with a liability insurance policy. A copy of our insurance binder may be made available as necessary.